Friday, April 6, 2012


Hello Everyone,

My name is Afua Boni. I am a Model, a Singer, an Actress, an Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Gold DustModeling Academy (GDMA).

GDMA was founded on the bases of helping young aspiring models of a minority group to be able to access the basics of modeling and the fashion industry, before they sign with an agency.

GDMA trains and helps models understand what is been expected from them in the fashion/ modeling industry.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Rice-Water makes pimple go bye-bye

I am a big advid of organic food, beauty tips and medicine. You can use common things in your daily life to enhance your beauty or appearance.

Check this out!

Used Water from Washing Rice - Good for pimple

After you wash your rice, don't pour the remained water away. Instead, do a face mask with it. Leave the remained water for two to three hours. After a few hours, you can see the dregs when the water are settled. Then pour it away except the dregs, and mix them with a bit of lemon juice and flour. Next, cover all your face with this. As a tip, if you have much of pimples on your face, put some coarse salt in your mixture. It will do germinal action and make your pimples disappear.

Peace N Love

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Face Shapes And Hairstyles

Hello everyone,

Lets talk about face shapes and hairstyles today. It is very important to know what face shape you have in order to be able to know what hair style and make up looks good on you. The best way to find out is to ask your hair stylist or an optician. If you don't have either one of these professionals, just check out this link and you should be able to find out about your face shape.

A lot of women are not flexible in trying out different hairstyles. They don't want to experiment with cuts that would fit their face. Instead they try their favorite celebrity style, in order to keep up with the newest trend.

Here are the major face shapes, which one are you?

Round Face Shape Jennifer Hudson

Fantasia Triangular

Square Face Jada Pinkett Smith

Rihanna Diamond Face Shape

Heart Face Shape Naomi Campbell

Rectangular or oblong

Oval Face Shape Tyra Banks

Check this link out for your face shapes that is fit for you. I have realized that everybody is either wearing short hair or long hair at the same time. But it doesn't look great on everybody. Pay attention and make the best out of your look. Be risky and do change up your look for fun. It makes you unique.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Black History Month

Hello and welcome to Black History Month. My name is Afua and I am Ghanaian. I grew up in Germany and made Los Angeles my home. This blog is about how to be a better model from inside out. It is here to help aspiring models with topics and questions they wonder and also suggests solutions, in images, videos and words. Please spread the words. Namaste

Be Beautiful !

Be Graceful!

Be Bold!

Find yourself in these three images at all times. Whatever you do has to come from within.